Moms Share the Random Reasons Their Toddlers Starting Crying, and Yup, Sounds About Right

Ahhh, toddlers. They're simultaneously the best and the absolute worst — the best because they're just so damn cute and watching their personalities develop is awesome, but the worst all the same because they never want to go to bed, they're never fully clothed (even in public), and they won't eat anything but carbs. The worst of the worst though? They're constantly throwing tantrums, having meltdowns, and crying for absolutely. no. reason.

Reddit user mrsbebe shared with r/Mommit members that her daughter cried simply because she'd put more oatmeal on the toddler's plate. Knowing how ridiculous this is, mrsbebe asked other users, "Why did your toddler cry today?" and the responses are so relatable, we can't stop nodding along as we read them. See our favorite "reasons" ahead.

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Touché, mama.