These Tea Towels Are Family-Friendly, Sure, but They're Still Made For Sassy Moms

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Picture this scene: a mom in her kitchen, elbow-deep in soapy dish water, her kids spilling Cheerios and Goldfish crackers in a trail behind them as they run around the table, which is stacked high with macaroni-and-cheese-crusted bowls from her kids' dinner hours ago. Sound like a familiar scenario? Yeah, we thought so.

Even though this is the chaos we can normally find in our own kitchens basically every day of the week, we've found a way to make this scene much less bleak. Ellembee Home tea towels — "funniest. tea towels. ever." — which have sayings on them that are made for sassy moms' kitchens. These hilarious tea towels pack the punch of a good one-liner while remaining (mostly) family-friendly. (If you're looking for something a little more, ahem, crass, then these curse-word dish towels are the ones for you).

So gift one to yourself, gift one to your mom friend, gift one to your own mom — it'll be a hit present no matter what the occasion. Ahead, find our favorite towels from the brand, which you can add to cart and purchase online now.

Coffee and Wine Tea Towel

Coffee and Wine Tea Towel