If This Video of a Toddler Trying to Put On Her Pants Isn't All of Us While Social Distancing, What Is?

As we enter our fourth month of social distancing, it's no surprise that our clothes are starting to feel a bit snug. And while the sensation might be universal, no one's struggle to put their pants on is as adorable as this toddler's. In a sweet video mom Heather Waldrep shared on TikTok with the caption, "Thank God for elastic waistbands," we see her little girl doing everything in her power to get her leggings over her behind.

Set to "All About That Bass" by The Silverettes, we fully admit that the music brings the clip home. Watch until the end to get a peek at the toddler's hilarious facial expression. And if you need a major mood boost, check out these photos of parents trying to work from home with their kids in tow.