11 Tweets From Homeschooling Parents That Will Make You Want to Hug a Teacher

If there's one thing I can attest to after a week of homeschooling my children, it's that this sh*t is hard. Oh, and that teachers are otherworldly saints who deserve million-dollar raises and a Teacher Appreciation Week that lasts for roughly the next 27 years.

It was only on day two with my two kids that one opted to cut her own hair, so I am and will forever be mystified at how teachers actively choose to spend their days caring for not just one or two kids, but upwards of 30 of them.

And I'm not alone in this sentiment. Parents across Twitter have shared their humble start to this homeschooling journey and have decreed that educators should be paid the same as CEOs and that they all deserve a hug — if only we were allowed to give them one right now.

So, until we can properly thank them in person for their daily acts of service, this collection of appreciative tweets will have to suffice.