10 Funny Videos of Labrador Retrievers That Make Us Love the Breed Even More

I have an entire folder of saved posts on Instagram that are just funny videos of dogs that I can watch on days when I need a pick-me-up, and I've just added 10 more thanks to these hilarious videos of Labrador Retrievers. From a Black Lab who just can't believe he gets to spend a night in a hotel with his humans to a Yellow Lab — Ree Drummond's dog, Duke! — who makes himself at home in a tiny bucket of water, these Labs are all friggin' hysterical.

Scroll through to watch the silly doggo videos for yourself.


This Lab Who Made Himself at Home in a Bucket of Water


This Yellow Lab Who Thought the Grass Was Attacking Her


This Yellow Lab Puppy Who Was at War . . . With a Tennis Ball


This Lab Who Couldn't Friggin' Believe That He Got to Stay in a Hotel


This Dog Who Couldn't Figure Out Who the Heck Was in the Mirror


This Lab vs. a Set of Stairs


This Lab Being Hella Awkward in the Pool by Himself


This Chocolate Lab Who Was Trying to Go UP the Slide


This Lab Who Was Just a Puppy, Looking at a Piece of Lettuce, Asking It to Be Treats