Gabrielle Union and Kaavia Repeat Beautiful Affirmations: "I Am Worthy"

Gabrielle Union is teaching her daughter about self-love. In an Instagram video posted on March 27, the "Bring It On" star sat with her 4-year-old daughter Kaavia, whom she shares with Dwyane Wade, saying positive affirmations in the bathroom mirror. "Tell me what you love about your hair," Union began, with Kaavia sitting on the counter. "I love my beautiful hair," Kaavia responded. "I love my full lips," Union countered, prompting a back-and-forth between the two listing all the things they loved most about themselves. For Kaavia, it was her "beautiful skin," and eyes, while Union listed her freckles and village. "It starts at home," Union captioned the post.

Later, the mother-daughter duo moved on to the phrase "I am," as the beginning of their affirmations. "I am brave," Union said, adding that she was also "scared sometimes." Kaavia chose the words "I am worthy," prompting her mom to confirm, "You are worthy." For the grand finale, Kaavia suggested the two say their last affirmation together, drawing out a loud and unanimous, "I'm so beautiful."

Positive affirmations can have a very real effect on the psyche, especially for young kids. As Angele Close, PhD, a clinical psychologist and therapist, previously told POPSUGAR, the true power of affirmations is their ability to alter our thoughts and perspectives. "Shifting our mental attention towards our intention has the potential to help us steer away from negative thinking patterns and create a positive change in mood, mindset, and energy." So, if the intention is to view ourselves in a more positive light, affirmations like these can be great tools for building self-esteem and confidence.

This could explain why Union is such a big fan of affirmations herself, teaching them to Kaavia at a young age. In a prior post, she shared a video of herself with 3-year-old Kaavia, asking her to describe her hair and prompting her until she talked about it positively. "I want Kaav to feel beautiful and powerful in EVERY room she walks into no matter who is standing next to her. Her beauty, her power, her love, is HERS," Union wrote at the time. "She will know that loving all of herself in no way diminishes the love that others have for themselves. Being unique and amazing aren't qualities reserved for a few, they are our birthright and we claim it."