Gabrielle Union Talks Diaper Rash and the "Constant Surprises" of Motherhood

New motherhood comes with its fair share of surprises — and no, we're not *just* talking about the sleep deprivation and constant worry (but yes, that too). While partaking in a little self-care sesh, Gabrielle Union took to Instagram with her own revelations about raising her now-4-year-old daughter, Kaavia James. Specifically, how skin conditions present differently in children of color.

In the candid 'gram conversation, Union opened up about her daughter's first bout with diaper rash, saying, "I wish I knew that Black and Brown kids have different skin-care needs. Diaper rash looks a lot different on children of color than it does on kids without melanin." To put it simply: the mass marketing of baby products often excludes children of color and has made for a gap in knowledge as a result.

"When I saw Kaav's diaper rash, I was like, 'She's dying!' cause that's what it looked like," the "Bring It On" alum said in the video. "When you look at a lot of the studies, most of those studies are done with groups of babies that are white. So when you see something that is deemed the 'best for all kids,' it's not for all kids, it's for kids who don't have the same amount of melanin."

This disparity isn't new either. There's long been a lack of representation in how skin conditions present on darker tones — and we've seen it beyond just the baby market. There's inherent racial bias in medical-school textbooks, education, and even dermatology-related IG posts, which has historically led to misdiagnosis.

Union herself, alongside hubby Dwyane Wade, is not just speaking out about the industry problem on social media, though. She's doing something about it. The pair founded The Proudly Co. to create "cleaner, functional baby care products specifically formulated to nourish all shades of melanated skin."

"If you were to center the needs of melanated babies and melanated people, everyone is covered," Union said. "Center us!"