Gabrielle Union’s Latest IG Post About Going With the Flow With Kaavia Is the F*cking Truth

One of the biggest adjustments I faced in the first few months after having my baby was altering my expectations — doing anything with a baby in tow was always so much harder than I imagined. The days just never unfolded quite like how I envisioned they would.

A new photo Gabrielle Union posted on Instagram echos this sentiment perfectly, and we are applauding in agreement. "Saw this pic and remembered how we had planned for this day to go and how it all went left," she begins, talking about the photo taken by April Belle. "Years ago ago I would've had my own meltdown and desperately tried to 'stick to the plan.' Now, I embrace that my version of 'balance' is the absence of balance. We go with the flow, do the best we can and COMMUNICATE. Remember that folks aren't mind readers but with effective, timely communication we create the space for empathy, compassion, patience and some kindness. Happy Monday!! 🥂 to doing our best this week!"

While we certainly don't know what went down this day for Gabrielle — she and Kaavia look absolutely gorgeous in the photos, BTW — we fully understand the message of things just not going exactly as you thought they might. It's all about the way we as parents react, and we couldn't agree more.