Gabrielle Union Caught Baby Kaavia Saying Her First Words on Video, So "Get Ready World!"

She speaks! Apart from being fashionable, constantly photo-ready, and a great swimmer, Gabrielle Union's daughter Kaavia James can also talk. The 9-month-old baby said her first words in a video Gabrielle shared to Instagram on Tuesday. "Kaavia James speaks!!!! Get ready world. Next stop, #agt judges table! Bye bye," Gabrielle captioned the sweet video of Kaavia sitting in her high chair and babbling.

Despite what sounds like pots and pans banging around in the background, the baby makes her little voice heard in Gabrielle's video. She not only says a clear "bye-bye," but she also gives us a pretty great "yeah," which counts as two phrases in my book. From the looks of it, Kaavia has also grown two front teeth already, so we can't wait to see what her next milestone will be. Something tells me she'll be an America's Got Talent judge before we know it!