13 Gifts That Won't Fit Under the Tree But Are Going to Be Huge Hits

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They say that bigger isn't necessarily always better, especially when it comes to gifts, but in some cases bigger is totally better. Some of the best gifts for kids this year may be too big to slide underneath the Christmas tree — and are probably going to be weird to wrap — but are bound to be one of their favorites. Whatever your child is into — gaming, arts and crafts, pretend play, or outdoor play — there's a special gift you can get them that may not be wrapped in a neat package directly under the tree on Christmas morning, but can be put together or set up in advance to guarantee instant holiday playtime.

Scroll through for 13 large gifts for kids of all ages.

Cat Faux-Fur Beanbag

Cat Faux-Fur Beanbag

Cat Faux-Fur Beanbag ($139, originally $169)