1 Mom's Touching Thank You to American Girl For Showcasing Dolls Without Hair in Stores

"This may feel to your company to be 'no big deal,'" Meredith Bailey wrote in a post on American Girl's Facebook page. "But to little girls who may feel alone and so desperately want to see dolls that reflect their beauty — it means more than you know."

Bailey's daughter, who was diagnosed with alopecia at 4 years old, was thrilled to receive an American Girl doll without hair last Christmas. Although Bailey didn't have an answer for her at the time as to why those dolls weren't on display anywhere, her and her daughter were ecstatic when they recently walked into one of the company's stores and saw the dolls sitting out for all to see.

In her post to the company, Bailey posted a photo of her daughter and her doll in matching dresses at the store, a smile spread across her daughter's face from ear to ear. "I cried many happy tears yesterday," she said. "Thank you so much for including ALL children."