When This Child Noticed Kids Staring at Her Birthmark, She Owned It in an Incredible Way

When Kelly Wilson Bossley dropped her daughter off at preschool, she noticed some of the other kids whispering when they saw her child's face. To make matters worse, Kelly could tell that Lydia had picked up on her new classmates staring at the bruising and redness covering her cheek.

Contrary to what her mom expected, Lydia, who had just endured another treatment to keep her port-wine stain birthmark healthy, didn't get upset. Instead of becoming self-conscious and shrinking away from her peers, Lydia simply retrieved a copy of Sam's Birthmark from her cubby, handed it to the teacher, and asked for it to be read to the class.

"She isn't even 3 years old yet but her resilience and ability to self-care blows me away," Kelly shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page. "I cried nearly the entire way to work — not because I worry how her peers will treat her in the years to come, but because I know this girl is gonna do big things!"