2 Girls Got Build-a-Bears With Their Late Grandpa's Voice After His Tragic Passing

so my grandpa passed away tragically about a year ago and my aunt got my sisters a teddy bear that has a recording of my grandpas voice😢❤️ pic.twitter.com/zdjUaghISr

— yenn (@y_jennifer2974) December 25, 2016

Jennifer, Mariana, and Sarahy Ramos tragically lost their grandfather, Florencio Jimenez, in 2015 when he died of a stroke during a robbery at a car wash. His granddaughters were very close to him, so for Christmas 2016, their aunt surprised them with a little piece of their grandpa that they could hold onto forever. 16-year-old Jennifer took to Twitter to post a video of her two younger sisters opening up seemingly ordinary Build-a-Bears on Christmas Eve, and the internet is collectively weeping over the clip.

In the video, Mariana opens her bear first, and after being prompted to squeeze the bear's hand she hears the voice and laugh of her beloved grandfather come out of the stuffed toy, which causes her to immediately start sobbing. Sarahy then pushes the button in the hand of her bear and hears another recording of his voice, and similarly breaks down. Needless to say, these sweet bears were a silver lining to a Christmas without Jimenez for his adorable granddaughters.