Gisele Bündchen's Inspiring Post About the Challenges of Breastfeeding Will Lift Moms' Spirits

Supermodel and mom of two Gisele Bündchen isn't here to sugarcoat some of the challenges that come with breastfeeding. While she admits that there are some rather unpleasant parts of nursing, overall, she can't be more grateful for sharing the experience with her children. In a recent Instagram post. Gisele explained why she believes that Breastfeeding Awareness Month is so important, and we're all ears.

"One of the most special moments I've shared with my kids was while breastfeeding. That special look you get, that feeling of connection is unlike anything I have ever experienced," she wrote. "I love how Breastfeeding Awareness Month shines a light on the importance of breastfeeding. Yes, in the beginning it can be difficult, it can hurt (the cracks, bleeding, engorgement), but no matter how challenging, I would not change that experience for anything in this world."

Now the 39-year-old mom is celebrating all mothers, whether they breastfeed or not. "I feel blessed that I was able to nourish them in this way," she explained. "Congratulations to all mamas out there for the effort that we put in, the ones who breastfeed, and those who could not and have had heartbreaking moments trying to. I celebrate all of you!"