You'll Wish All Kids' Clothes Had L.L.Bean's Genius Hand-Me-Down Tags Inside

Hand-me-down-lovers, rejoice! Whether you've shopped at L.L.Bean for your kids before or not, you're about to want to. A parent recently shared that the brand includes "Hand-Me-Down Trail" tags with room for three kids' names inside its jackets. Although only select L.L.Bean kids' clothes have these tags, you can't deny that they're brilliant!

"My kid's jacket has multiple name spaces to facilitate hand-me-downs," the parent captioned a photograph. The snap is a close-up of the tag, which looks like a mini map with a trail of dotted lines. Not only is this an exciting revelation for parents who already give — or are the recipients of — hand-me-downs, but just seeing a tag like that might encourage other parents to donate their kids' old clothes or pass them on to relatives so that other children can enjoy lightly used items.

You go, Glen Coco L.L.Bean! Now we just need other brands to use similar tags (and maybe get a few more name slots on them!) so that more clothing recycling is facilitated in the future!