No, You're Not Doing the Right Thing When You Call Someone Out For "Illegally" Parking in a Handicap Spot

Imagine you see a car pull into a handicap parking spot and then out comes a person without a limp, without a cane or wheelchair — without any physical limitation you can observe whatsoever. To you, they seem perfectly healthy. You might feel like it's your duty to say something, to stand up for those with actual disabilities who might now have to find parking spots farther away because of this. But please, don't. Don't be that type of "good Samaritan."

One such person wrote an anonymous note and affixed it to the parked car of a woman. It read, "You will be reported for illegal use" of a handicap parking space and went on to detail how the passerby witnessed the woman and her "young able-bodied daughter" as they walked "with no sign of disability" and called it a "selfish action."

When the woman returned to her car and saw that note, she gave it to her husband, Alan Tanner, who posted it on Facebook with an important lesson about how not all disabilities are visible:

This was a letter left on my wife's car today when in Woodley precinct with Paige, she was parked in a disabled parking space. Paige has got a valid Disabled badge.

So to the person that wrote this letter, do not judge unless you know the full details of someone's disability. Paige is not a young girl as you stated but a 23-year-old adult who is severely mentally disabled and requires 1:1 support at all times. I hope the person who wrote this gets to see this.