This Girl's Eerily Realistic "Headless" Costume Will Make You Want to Cancel Halloween

There are usually two types of kid costumes on Halloween: there are the adorable ones, like babies dressed up as snuggly zoo animals, and the frightening ones.

But little Maya managed to be a dash of both when she went trick-or-treating this past weekend in the Philippines. In videos shared by her mom, Krystel Hwang, on Instagram, little Maya is seen walking in a precious floral party dress . . . while holding her decapitated head in her hands!

Krystel made the costume, which offers up an eery optical illusion thanks to fake arms and a taller-than-Maya torso, but at first glance, it looks very, very, very real.

"My super adorable headless Maya," Krystel captioned the video.

Hilariously, though, those passing out candy took her over-the-top costume in stride. One woman didn't bat an eye as she offered Maya some candy. Upon realizing she wasn't holding a plastic pumpkin basket like her friend, the woman simply tossed the treat into Maya's makeshift candy-holder – her hollow neck!

Oooooh, if this doesn't simultaneously haunt your dreams and make you want to find that darling dress on Etsy, you aren't looking at the same headless costume . . .