This Dad's "Hello (From the Inside)" Adele Parody Has Me Chuckling in My Blanket Cocoon

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As we all do our part to decrease the spread of COVID-19 by social distancing and sheltering in place, singer and former The Voice contestant Chris Mann put together a hilarious parody of Adele's hit song "Hello" that has me snorting with delight from inside the hoodie I've been wearing for two weeks straight. "Hello from corona life! I've FaceTime called 1,000 times," Chris sings in the hook of the song. "There's social distance between us, and I'm freaking out! . . . What's the point of putting on pants anyhow?"

The video shows Chris longingly staring out of his window, waving at neighbors from afar, and lamenting the fact that he can't order a box of his friends to be delivered to his front doorstep. "Is there something else to watch besides the news and Finding Dory?" the dad adds, as the camera pans to his son watching the film (probably on an infinite loop). See the full spoof here and prepare to sing along to these super-relatable lyrics.