10 Reasons Hilaria Baldwin Is My Pregnancy Spirit Animal

Since reading her book, The Living Clearly Method, Hilaria Baldwin has inspired me with her approach to a healthy yet attainable lifestyle. Because even as a busy mom of three (and pregnant with her fourth!), she still manages to carve out time to practice yoga. Plus, you have to try Hilaria's supereffective calming breathing techniques, which have totally saved me from losing it when my 4-year-old is being, um, unreasonable as sh*t.

Now, like Hilaria, I'm currently pregnant with baby number four, so I've basically claimed her as my pregnancy spirit animal. She's just so darn positive while still being realistic about expecting, which I think is so refreshing. And the way she juggles parenting three other kiddos, having a successful career, and keeping her relationship with her husband, actor Alec Baldwin, strong is downright impressive. Keep reading to see why Hilaria is the role model you may not have known you needed.


She Still Wears Heels

OK, so I'm in the flip flops stage of my pregnancy (and don't really have anywhere to go that would require fancier footwear), but I still admire Hilaria for rocking mega-high heels with her baby bump. Let's just say I'm dressing vicariously through her!


She Always Seems to Find the Joy in Motherhood

When you're exhausted from pregnancy, it can be really challenging to stay present and enjoy little moments with your kids. It's still important to try, and I love how Hilaria is clearly committed to soaking up every funny, wild, unpredictable moment with her three older children, Carmen, Rafael, and Leonardo, before their baby brother is born.


Hilaria Makes Her Marriage a Priority

Focusing on your relationship with your partner can be a challenge when you have a big family, but this is clearly important to Hilaria and Alec. While my hubby and I may not have date nights out on the town like this famous couple, we do make time for cuddling on the couch, watching our favorite TV shows together, and remembering that it all started with our love for one another.


She Keeps It Real

Sometimes you gotta stick the kiddos in front of the devices, especially when you're pregnant and just need a minute to sit down. Thank you, Hilaria, for sharing real moments of motherhood like this one.


Let's Face It, Hilaria Looks Great Pregnant

I may not have the courage to bare all on Instagram while pregnant, but I still say good for Hilaria for doing it. She definitely wears a bump well, and I can't help but applaud her.


And Her Confidence Gives Me Confidence

She helps me realize that every pregnant body is beautiful and should be celebrated. There's nothing to be ashamed of, and even if I don't post bump photos quite like this on Instagram, I'm allowed to show off however I see fit!


The Woman Can Work Out Anywhere

Scroll through her Instagram, and you'll see dozens of videos that show Hilaria exercising just about everywhere — in her kids' rooms, outside, on her bed, in her bathroom, you name it. It's inspiring to see that just a few minutes of leg lifts or calf raises here and there can make a difference in how you look and feel as a pregnant mama.


Hilaria Is Hands-On

She may have help in raising her famous family, but Hilaria is a very hands-on mom. Judging from her Instagram, it seems she really enjoys being with and doing everything for her growing family. It's refreshing to see such a down-to-earth celebrity mom with an Instagram feed that isn't full of unobtainable, airbrushed photos.


She's Not Pinterest-Perfect

This is probably what a gender reveal cake would look like if my kids and I made it. Right on, Baldwin family!


She Always Gets Her Body Back After Baby

It may not happen overnight, but I've made it a focus to lose all my baby weight after each of my pregnancies, and so has Hilaria. I have no doubt she'll be back in her skinny jeans before me, but I know that with exercise, healthy eating, and a little motivation from this star mama, I'll get there, too!