This Is the Ultimate Nostalgic Holiday Bucket List to Complete With Your Kids

Everyone starts to get a bit nostalgic for their childhood once the holidays roll around, but as all parents know, the season can get a bit crazy once you have kids. If you want to celebrate the holiday season the same way you used to as a child, take a minute to slow down, tape this holiday bucket list to your fridge, and vow to complete all of the items before it's time to ring in the New Year.

  1. Bake holiday cookies.
  2. And deliver a batch to the houses of friends and family.
  3. Make snow angels.
  4. Drink hot chocolate — with extra marshmallows.
  5. Wear matching pajamas.
  6. Have a Christmas movie marathon.
  7. Decorate your house with lights.
  8. Take a picture with the mall Santa.
  9. Create DIY holiday cards.
  10. Wrap gifts for friends and family.
  11. Have a gingerbread house competition.
  12. Decorate the Christmas tree.
  13. Go Christmas caroling.
  14. Make an ornament for the tree.
  15. Eat candy canes until everyone's hands are sticky.
  16. Have a snowball fight.
  17. Read holiday stories before bed every night.
  18. Go ice skating.
  19. Make a holiday playlist and dance around the house.
  20. Host an ugly Christmas sweater party.
  21. Open the Advent calendar together every morning.
  22. Build a snowman.
  23. Start a new family tradition.
  24. Drink eggnog.
  25. Take a drive around the neighborhood to find extravagantly decorated houses.
  26. Buy toys and canned food to donate to those less fortunate.
  27. Take a holiday-themed family photo.