This Saturday Night Live Sketch Goes Out to Anyone Being Badgered by Their Parents About Grandkids

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Saturday Night Live has tackled the time-honored pressure many couples face to deliver grandchildren. In one of the few new sketches featured in the show's Omicron-affected Dec. 18 episode, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon play two aspiring grandmothers attempting to film a holiday commercial for HomeGoods. Despite their love of throw pillows and inspirational wall art, the number-one item on both of their wish lists becomes increasingly obvious throughout filming.

After initially insisting they don't want their family to fuss over presents, the two women finally lay it all out: "a fuzzy blanket to swaddle grandchildren," "a cake stand with grandchildren on top," and "a son for my son" are just a few of the requests made. (It's also important to note the way Aidy pronounces it "grandCHILdren" throughout the sketch.) Watch the too-real bit above.