This Genius $15 Invention Allows You to Pump Milk Directly to Your Baby

Breastfeeding is challenging enough, but for moms who pump exclusively, having to separate pumping time from feeding time can feel like a second job. Katherine Hornbostel, a PhD mechanical engineering student at MIT, was in this exact predicament when her twin babies struggled to latch. Her life revolved around the endless loop of pumping, storing milk, bottle feeding, cleaning bottles, and pumping, and she knew there had to be a way to streamline the process. That's when she came up with the idea for the Pump2Baby Bottle, an invention that allows moms to feed their babies breast milk as it's being pumped. And the best news? It's only $15!


Just connect the Pump2Baby Bottle to your breast pump and start hands-free pumping with a pumping bra. Once you have milk in the bottle, you can start feeding your baby with the nipple. No time wasted!


The Pump2Baby bottle is compatible with all Dr. Brown nipples and other similar sized nipples as well as Medela breast pumps.


Fans of the Pump2Baby bottle love that it simulates the bonding experience of breastfeeding and even say it assists with the let-down. Katherine even did some number crunching and says moms can save 180 hours from streamlining the pumping and feeding process. That time can be spent bonding with their babies or sleeping. For parents of multiples, the convenience factor is doubled. If moms are traveling, they can safely feed their babies while in transit.