Do This 1 Easy Trick to Safely Clean Your Beloved WubbaNub Pacifier

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Oh, the WubbaNub Pacifier ($15). The adorable must have that seems to be on every baby registry is essentially a regular pacifier with a stuffed animal attached, bringing little ones much-needed comfort when they're fussy. While the idea is genius and the product is great and adorable, they are, of course, absurdly hard to clean.

With all the worries that becoming a mom and raising an infant can bring, you don't want to give yourself extra anxiety by not feeling like you're ensuring the safety and cleanliness of your child's toys. So we have you covered on giving you peace of mind as your baby snuggles up with their WubbaNub pacifier.

The key to thoroughly cleaning it is to use a mesh laundry bag. This is inexpensive, is helpful, and keeps all articles you placed it in a little better protected against the rigorous washing machine cycle that's sometimes necessary to clean your garments. The first step is to place the WubbaNub in the mesh laundry bag. Next, use baby-safe detergent and set the machine on the gentle cycle. Afterward, air-dry it, waiting for it to dry completely before giving it back to your bundle of joy. And voila!

If you're looking for a quicker clean, wash the plastic part of the pacifier in the sink like you would any bottle while covering the stuffed animal part of the WubbaNub in a plastic bag. Do so very carefully. Afterward, gently hand-wash the stuffed animal. Use some club soda to get off any stains, and let it air-dry.