Dear Moms of More Than 2 Kids, How Do You Do It?

Dear Moms of More Than Two Kids,

First of all, how in the hell do you do it? Seriously, I can't comprehend it. Whenever I see you in action, I wonder how your brain is still functioning while keeping three or more children alive (not to mention still taking care of yourself)?! Most days I feel like I'm facing the biggest and steepest uphill mountain, and I'm only juggling two kids.

The other morning, I was scrambling to get everyone ready before school (what's new?) and glanced on the cluttered kitchen counter and saw my son's school calendar. My first thought: Crap. He had snack duty that day for his kindergarten classroom, which means I had snack duty. Then I looked at our calendar hung up in the kitchen and saw there was a teddy bear parade scheduled for my daughter's preschool class that afternoon. Second thought: Sh*t. What a mess. We had to run out the door, forgetting things I'm sure, to pick up the snacks at the grocery store, and everyone, of course, was late.

Two kids: 1; Mom: 0.

As I checked my son in late at the front office, I could feel the sweat dripping down my back underneath my sweater. Here I was, forgetting things for both of my children . . . again. Then, as I stood in the hallway with all the other parents watching the adorable teddy bear parade of 3-year-olds, I noticed many of these mothers had two additional children at their side or on their hip. They looked relaxed, smiling calmly and wearing real pants. Real pants?! Real-life superwomen in the flesh. I couldn't fathom it.

Moms of more than two kids, you are queens. Yes, all moms are strong and unbelievable creatures, but the moms who have more than two, I really, really applaud you. Many of you sacrifice your bodies for years by being pregnant and/or nursing. You're likely sleep-deprived for an entire decade. You have been peed on, puked on, and wiped more butts than I can even comprehend. And the potty-training? They should really have a separate Oscars just for you.

You have the stamina to organize your little army. Yes, your tiny soldiers see you and your ability to orchestrate the snack days, the hockey practices, the volunteering, and of course, the teddy bear parades. I'm in awe of you, and one day, your kids will be, too. They'll eventually question how you did it all for all those years. As every mother knows, no matter how many kids you have, you just . . . do it. You make it work and you take each day as it comes. And your days with more than two kids must be filled with much more noise.

I see you. I appreciate you. I look up to you. I hope you know just how remarkable you are, because even if you can't see it, everyone else does.

A Mom of Two