This Mom's "How Kids Get Out of Cars" TikTok Series Is Every Friggin Child, My God

Whenever I miss doing things and, ya know, going places with my kids, I just need to click through this mom's "How Kids Get Out of Cars" video series on TikTok. Over four videos, Heather Parady shows the different — yet similarly ridiculous — ways little kids exit the backseat. Whether your toddler is terrified to make the leap from the car seat or whether your kiddos actually do leap, one rain boot missing, from the car as if it's about to explode, her impressions are so accurate that they actually make me relieved that we don't use our car all that often these days.

For what it's worth, I watched her second video alongside my 6-year-old daughter — who notoriously spends a solid seven minutes gathering up all her things — and when it ended, she asked, "Why doesn't that lady just take two trips?" I'll be sure to ask her the same thing the next time we ever go someplace.

Scroll ahead to watch all of Heather's relatable clips and decide which version is most like your children. I have a feeling everyone will be nodding at the before-and-after video!