Moms Everywhere Are Nodding at a Study that Proves They Work the Equivalent of 2 Full-Time Jobs

If you're able to manage keeping track of your kids and working 9-to-5, it makes sense that you're probably pretty tired. Wait, I mean completely exhausted. And a new study illustrates exactly why that's the case for working mamas. Welch's recently funded a research project that looked at 2,000 working moms with kids ages 5 to 12 and determined that between their actual jobs and all their family duties, these women work nearly 100 hours per week — that's more than double the hours of an average full-time job.

Crazy, right? And according to Working Mother, they drilled down into the data even further to figure out when most moms start and end their days. "The average working mom clocks in a 98-hour work week, with her day typically starting at 6:23 a.m. She doesn't end up finishing her work or family duties until 8:31 p.m., meaning she works 14 hours per day."

Although a 14-hour workday seems bad enough, when you account for sleeping hours, the amount of "me time" these women are getting is straight up laughable. Researchers found that moms who work get a whopping seven whole minutes to themselves each day. You know, to kick back and relax with an eighth of a Netflix show.