Real Moms on How They Told Their Partners They're Pregnant

The first person you'll share your pregnancy news with is very likely to be said baby's father, and that moment is one that neither of you will ever forget. We polled our readers to learn how they told their significant others that life forever was about to be changed. From the sweet to the silly to the sentimental, we hope they'll inspire moms-to-be to make it a milestone to remember.

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"We looked at the test together!" — Keri H.

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"We tried for two years to get pregnant for our second. I bought my daughter a big sister shirt. And showed him. When I found out it was twins, I showed up at his work and asked him if twins ran in his family. He stopped dead in his tracks and asked if I was kidding . . . I wasn't!" — Melissa R.

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"I thought my little one was appendicitis. It was just my uterus stretching to accommodate him, so we were in the ER. The doctor gave me the news while I was alone, so when he sent my husband in, I said, 'You think you can bring me back here in about nine months?' His eyes got big as saucers and he didn't believe me until a nurse came in and confirmed it! That's the happiest I'd ever seen him." — Kimberly S.

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"I found out I was pregnant the night before his birthday. I wrapped up the positive pregnancy test as a gift and gave it to him. The look on his face was priceless! He wanted another child so much! We are due with a baby girl the first of November." — Lynette D.

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"I served him coffee in a mug that said 'World's Greatest Dad,' and 22 years later, he still is." — Laura N.

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"I didn't. He told me! Both times!" — Bonnie G.

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"With my daughter, we'd tried for six years. I was home with my stepson when I secretly took the test. I had thought so many times before that I was, and they were always negative. I figured this would be no different. But it was. I called my husband and told him I was sick and to come home. I bought a card with baby feet on it, set out all six tests (I was in disbelief!), and made a shirt that said 'Big Brother' for my stepson. I made one for me that said 'baby' with a downward arrow and stood in the kitchen videoing the entire thing. I watch it often — it's still tearjerking!" — Dana D.

"I propped one of those 'Baby on Board' signs against the pillows after I made the bed. He saw it when he came home from work that night." — Emily H.

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"I found out a week before Father's Day. Not being able to keep it to myself for an entire week, I gave him an early Father's Day card from the baby." — Katrina S.

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"I came to my husband's work and handed him a tiny gift bag and inside was a pair of baby shoes." — Jessica H.

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"I was going to set an extra plate for dinner, but I couldn't wait!" — Jessica H.

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"He had just been deployed to Iraq, and I found out two weeks in. I had to wait till he got Internet set up, and I got to tell him over Skype. He was so excited, jumping around, then ran around to tell all his buddies." — Kelsey K.


"With my first, I left a copy of What to Expect . . . on his nightstand with the stick in a Ziploc bag on top. With the second, he knew I had taken multiple negative tests and I went to the doctor because I had strep throat, mentioned to them I was late, and they did a test — Voila! I'm pregnant. I was on the phone with him when I heard the nurse outside the door telling the doctor that there was a faint positive, and I almost dropped the phone and stopped midsentence, so he kinda guessed on that one." — Angela W.