The Day My Friend Without Kids Changed My Parenting

Blogger and mom Paula Rollo of Beauty Through Imperfection describes the simple sentence her friend uttered that gave her a whole new perspective on parenting.


We were all in a big house ready for game night. Sitting there watching the little ones run around and get their energy out, so that we could put them to bed in various rooms and play our board games without little ones reaching their little arms through and messing up the pieces.

We sat and we watched the little ones play and my friend without kids made a comment that unintentionally turned my world upside down. He was talking about how he wanted kids, and I responded that at least he has a job where he can work with kids everyday (he's currently single).

"It's not the same. You guys have these moments . . . " he said.

And then he went on to explain that it was the simple things like the glint in my son's eye when he looks at me, and those precious times when something passes between a parent and their chid that no one else understands. The way that we look at each other. How they run into my arms. Those were the moments he wanted.

And the harsh realization which hit me that day is that those were the moments I was missing.

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