5 Ways I Smoke Weed as a Busy Mom

As a proud cannabis-consuming mom, I like to think that I'm a bit of an expert when it comes to time management. In addition to work, being a mom, and being a partner, I still make time for myself by doing something I love: smoking weed. But here's the thing about smoking weed as an adult woman with a family — it's very necessary to come up with time-saving ways to consume cannabis so that you can get all your sh*t done.

From vaping to edibles to a one-hitter, there are many quick and easy ways to get high (if it's legal in your state, of course) whenever being a mom or an adult is just a little bit too much. We all deserve some form of self-care and "me time," and as long as you're being safe and responsible, you shouldn't feel guilty about what you choose to do. Some of my friends are all about spa days or watching reality TV to recharge. I'm about smoking, because when I smoke, I'm alright, and when I'm alright, my family is alright. Here are five ways I'm able to consume cannabis despite always being on the go.

  1. Edibles. In states like California (where I live), you can go to a dispensary and get everything from coffee to cookies to protein bars. When you consume edibles, it's important to start by ingesting a small amount, then waiting one to two hours before taking more. According to The High Times, effects from an edible high can include "silliness, euphoria, pleasant tingling, and muscle relaxation beginning one to two hours after ingestion and lasting for six to eight hours," adding, "You may feel very cozy and content, or experience a heightened libido and increased sensuality. Eating cannabis induces deep sleep."
  2. Vape Pens. If you want to smoke cannabis while still being discreet, this is hands down the best way to do it. Vape pens are small, pen-shaped devices (like an e-cigarette) with either an attached or detachable cartridge of cannabis oil, aka hash oil. These cartridges come in a variety of brands and strains for each individual's tastes and needs. I own a rechargeable vape pen that I take with me pretty much everywhere for microdosing, which is smoking small amounts of weed to get the effects of cannabis without actually getting stoned. The best part about using vape pens? It's practically odorless.
  3. One-hitters. These little metal or ceramic pipes are usually the size of a cigarette, which makes them small enough to fit in your pocket. But, unlike the also small and portable vape pen, one-hitters are intended to be loaded with marijuana, which isn't odorless. Also, the chamber where you load the weed usually isn't that big, so you are truly only able to get one hit (two if you're lucky) when you light it.
  4. Schedule Smoking. Busy moms, like myself, rarely have time to smoke during the day since I'm either at work or chasing after my kid. The best time for me to smoke weed has always been at night, because it's when my daughter sleeps, and there's little or no risk of interruption. Smoking at night allows me to really let go and release without worrying about having a million things to do afterward. I'm also a night owl, so smoking an indica strain of weed helps me get the sleep I need because of the relaxing effects often associated with the strain.
  5. Dab. Dabbing isn't exactly the sexiest of ways to consume cannabis, as it requires using a torch to heat cannabis concentrates (wax, shatter, or budders) so that it can vaporize (it's important to note that most concentrates are very pure with THC levels of up to 90 percent). You can use your bong to dab, but you'll need to buy the appropriate pieces (a dab rig to put the concentrate in; a carb cap, which covers the dab rig so that the vapors are contained after the concentrate has been heated; a dabber, which is a tool you use to pick up and hold the concentrate) to keep the practice safe so you can get the best high. According to Thrillist, "A poorly-made concentrate can come with its own set of issues, such as residual solvent, mold, and concentrated pesticides from the plants it was made from. If you're lucky enough to have a good source, though, dabs are an amazing shortcut to getting where you want to be; instead of spending 10 to 15 minutes smoking a joint of a bowl, you can take a single dab and go on with your day."

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