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How to Make a Face Mask For Elf on the Shelf

How to Make an Easy Mask For Your Elf on the Shelf, No Matter How Crafty You Are

As Christmas approaches, your Elf on the Shelf will patiently hang with you and your kiddos, waiting for the holiday as they report back to Santa Claus on all the little ones' adventures. But since Elfs on the Shelf are known for their utmost responsibility and duty, it only makes sense they should don a face mask too! Create an opportunity for a learning experience with your kids by making a DIY face mask for your elf – it's easy, and makes for a fun, hands-on activity. Kids will love wearing a face mask just like their elf, and you can even make a few to change up your little pal's look. Ahead, find some of our favorite Elf on the Shelf DIY mask tutorials, for every level of crafter.

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