I Got a First Look at Hunter For Target's Tiny $25 Boots — I'm Buying Them For Every Kid I Know

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If you listen quietly enough, you can hear thousands of Target shoppers shrieking with glee in anticipation of the store's new collaboration with Hunter. I went on an adventure to Big Sur, CA, with the two brands to preview the new collaboration and test it out for myself. One of the standout designs from the line is undoubtedly the boots for kids and toddlers. The tiny little wellies are adorable and useful — a parent's dream. You could hear all of us "oohing" and "ahhing" as we fawned over the mini shoes.

There are all sorts of options to choose from for both boys and girls. If you want a classic, iconic pick, you need to go for these Hunter For Target Toddlers' Tall Rain Boots ($25). The little handles on each side make them easy to pull off, plus they're incredibly well made.

If your little one prefers shorter wellies, the Hunter for Target Kids' Waterproof Ankle Rain Boots ($25) are an awesome choice. They are lined with a soft fabric that will pad your kid's ankles and prevent blisters.

Some of the wellies include playful lining, like these Hunter for Target Kids' Waterproof Ankle Rain Boots ($25). There are so many more colors to choose from, so get your credit cards ready when the collection drops on April 14. We can't wait to see all of the Instagram snaps with kiddos tottering around in these shoes.