This Month-Long Prank 1 Guy Played on His Poor Wife Is Sure to Go Down in History Books

Bobby Wesson, a husband from Birmingham, AL, won about a million points in the creativity department for playing possibly the most incredible prank on his wife we've ever seen. The best part? He kept it up for an entire month. And, like most successful pranks, the setup was almost too simple to believe. As a matter of fact, all you need are printed photos of creepy faces, a few popsicle sticks, and a car backup camera. Put them all together and voila, your partner nearly sh*ts their pants.

It all started as a happy accident after the couple saw the movie It together. "Well, I got the idea when I left a toy dinosaur on the bumper. I saw it all GIANT in the camera when I started to back up," Wesson told Scary Mommy. "We had just seen It and Rayena was super scared of clowns and such for a few days, so I printed out a pic of the new Pennywise and thought I'd just stick it back there before she left for work."

And you can say things only went up from there. Bobby pranked her so many times in a month, Rayena started making it a habit to check the back of her car before hopping in the front seat. The king of jokes then decided to post the fruits of his labor to Facebook, and people were very impressed with his level of dedication.

But the thing that definitely didn't impress Rayena? When he went so far as to surprise her by putting a smiling (but super creepy) face on the camera while she was at work one day (since she had started to catch on to his morning trickery). "I drove up to her work and around the parking deck forever until I found her car. That was the best one. She wasn't expecting to see it at work."

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