You Won't Be Able to Stop Laughing at This Video That Speaks Volumes About In-Laws During the Holidays

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Ah, the in-laws. The most epic love-hate relationship since the dawn of time. And we know there's no time more trying — we mean wonderful — than the holidays when you have your extended family staying with you. From the frantic cleaning spree beforehand to the feeling of not being able to do anything right during, there's only one thing that makes it worth it: the look on your child's face as they get to play with grandma and grandpa.

So when Laughing Moms came up with this hysterical "I Can't Feel My Face" parody about the holiday in-law struggle (why isn't this a trending hashtag yet?!) it was like they were reading our minds. If you've ever felt the need to stress eat around your husband's family, this one is for you!