Watching This Irish Dad Learn a TikTok Dance Is a 10-Minute Journey We All Need to Go On

Content creator Tadhg Fleming is about to take you all on a 10-minute journey that's worth every single second: the journey of his dad, Derry, learning a popular TikTok dance to 14 seconds of "Blinding Lights" by The Weeknd. Along with his two sisters and mum as they all quickly learn it themselves, Tadhg slowly teaches his dad the high-energy dance, which includes a lot of toe-tapping and some air swimming.

What results is a number of different takes all somehow ruined by Derry, who's seriously the best sport in the world. Eventually the family takes their kitchen dancing to the yard, which is where the magic — evennnntually — happens.

Watch the entire video above, which is full of delightful Irish accents, hilarious outfit changes, and enough screams of "Alexa, restart the song!" to keep you laughing all day.