Jada Pinkett Smith Thinks Parents Should "Give Themselves Much More Forgiveness"

In her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, Jada Pinkett Smith discussed all things parenting-related with her 19-year-old son, Jaden, her 17-year-old daughter, Willow, and her own mom, Adrienne Banfield-Norris. The foursome hit on everything from what it was like growing up in poverty to how parents really shouldn't be so hard on themselves, and the conversation was powerful, to say the least.

  • Adrienne on how her parenting experience differed from her daughter's: "We didn't give kids a whole lot of choice . . . I felt like you guys had too much say over your own lives . . . and your mom and dad had to really kind of break me out of that because she treated you like adults . . . their ideas of parenting were so different than what I was used to."

  • Jada on how her experience growing up affected her parenting style: "We had a very different lifestyle than you guys. Even your father grew up in a household where there was a lot of abuse. Your father worked in an ice house. He was building cement walls and helping to restore refrigerators and cooling systems."

  • Jaden on how he never had to think about survival growing up: "You guys grew up thinking about survival. You can only think about food and water and shelter and safety, and that's the only that you were thinking about."

  • Adrienne on her favorite lesson Will and Jada taught their children: "The thing that I appreciate so much about you guys [is] the level of self-confidence that you have. To be comfortable in your own skin is amazing to me. And for me, that's the best gift that your mom and dad gave you."

  • Willow on her worst childhood experience: "I only have one terrible experience, which is 'Whip My Hair.' Just that the values of the people around me should have been the opposite. You and Daddy should have been [like], 'OK, we value her musical growth and knowledge more than her popularity.'"

  • Jada on wanting the best for her children: "Your dad and I, we were like, 'Oh man, she'll be set up for life. This is her start.'"

  • Jada on how parents should learn to forgive themselves for making mistakes: "You know what? I think parents have to give themselves much more forgiveness. When you become a parent, you have these huge ideals, even for yourself, because we all are coming into parenting with our own childhood traumas."

  • Jada on how the most idealistic parents can't always leave their baggage at the door: "And you're hoping you can fix all that through your own rearing of your children, and you can't. Your kids are gonna have their burdens. And even though I see how it might have hurt you, it's what I knew."