Jason Biggs' School Lunches Are Getting Worse by the Day and We're Here For It

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In case you missed it, Jenny Mollen knows how to pack a power lunch for her kiddos. In fact, her lunch-packing skills are so dang impressive, even Busy Phillips felt the need to comment on them. But according to Jason Biggs' Instagram, Jenny is away on a work trip for a week, and that means he's unfortunately on school lunch duty. Jason shared a photo of Sid's hilariously disastrous lunch box on Sept. 16, and by the looks of his second lunch attempt, it's all downhill from here.

"Sid's first "Daddy Lunch" was a HUGE success. He ate everything except for the half avocado. For day two we have (clockwise from top left):Dry muesli (dry, Swiss), wet nap (wet, Japanese), box of cherry flavored Jell-O (sugar free), organic half avocado from two nights ago, and three Mentos (The Fresh Maker)."

And compared to what Jenny pack's in Sid's eco-friendly Plantbox Stainless Steel Lunch Box ($80), I think it's safe to agree he needs a little work. Scroll through to see Jason's past work as well as some of Jenny's elaborate creations and try not to wince when comparing them.

Jason's First Go at Making Sid's Lunch

"With Jenny Mollen out of town this week, Sid's lunch duty has fallen to yours truly. Turns out she's not the only parent who can #crush the lunchbox game," wrote Jason. "From top left: Organic half avocado from last night, whole sweet potato (produce code 94074), pb&j on bagel (two bites removed, the way he likes it), burnt gluten-free cookie, and one Splenda packet."

Jason's second attempt

Jenny's Beautiful Lunch Creations

Adding faces to your kids' food is the epitome of dedication.

Jenny literally has the ability to make leftovers look good. Yum!

These roll-ups are a great idea if you're in a bind. Added bonus: they look freaking adorable.