Jenna Dewan Shared Her 5-Year-Old's Christmas List, and Damn, Did She Take It Out of My 1995 Journal?

Jenna Dewan just sent off her daughter Everly's holiday wish list to the North Pole, and its contents are the most perfect snapshot of what gifts a typical 5-year-old would want (specifics aside, my list in 1995 was probably comparable). Jenna shared the photo of the list she transcribed for Everly on Instagram, which is full of items relating to fairies, mermaids, unicorns, and puppies (and we already know she loves slime, another 5-year-old plaything tent pole, as well).

"Dear Santa, Here's my Christmas list," the letter starts. The (long) list goes on to include "cozy wings," a "fairy wand that talks to you," a "surprise board game," a "princess vacuum," "Butterfly Princess Barbie," and several other gifts in similar veins. The smart 5-year-old even noted important details to Santa, such as the fact that the Wish Me dog and unicorn she wants are "from the commercial" and the rainbow wings she's requesting should be "big ones."

We hope Everly was nice enough this year to get a few of these gifts from Santa, and we'll be looking out on Instagram for snaps of her after Christmas in her giant rainbow wings, swinging around a talking fairy wand.