Jennifer Garner Faced Her Junk Drawer Like Marie Kondo, and She Found the Most Absurd Items

Marie Kondo might possibly be the most influential person of our present day. After her Netflix series, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, was released earlier this month, she had parents cleaning out their kids' toy bins, people completely wiping out their closets, and even Jennifer Garner facing the hell that is her junk drawer. We all have that one drawer filled with random sh*t that we will never need but refuse to throw out. Even TV's most organized human, Monica Geller, had a secret closet filled with junk! But the famous KonMari method had Jennifer bracing hers, and well, that right there is powerful.

On Wednesday, Jennifer shared a video on Instagram cleaning out her drawer with the Marie Kondo method, and it's safe to say very few of these things "spark joy." Yeah, we're lookin' at you, rain bonnet! From PopSockets to doubloons, watch the video to see all the hilarious things Jennifer found while using the Marie Kondo method to clean out her drawer, and maybe, just maybe it'll inspire you to do the same.