That Time Jennifer Garner's Entire Family Got Lice

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Stars, they really are just like us! Lest anyone think that celebrities are immune to the daily ills that come with sending a child to school, Jennifer Garner is here to dispel the myth. Sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show last night, Garner warned the host about "getting the call" from school — you know, the call where they tell you everyone's OK, but you need to pick up your child immediately because she has lice. Not only did one of her kids get it, but the whole family had to be treated for the pesky little bugs with combing and solutions. And while the Garner-Affleck family's experience is much like the rest of ours, most of us don't end up meeting George Clooney with antilice solution in our hair! Watch the star talk about the process — and hysterically imitate her husband Ben Affleck's handling of the situation.