John Stamos Learned the Hard Way That You NEVER Wake a Sleeping Baby

John Stamos is loving new dad life, but he's definitely still got a few things to learn. The 55-year-old welcomed a son, Billy, back in April with wife Caitlin McHugh, and even though he's got nearly six months of parenthood under his belt and appears to be soaking in every moment, moms on Twitter pounced on his admission that he wanted to wake Billy up to "play," to ensure he knows that you never wake a soundly sleeping baby, like, ever.

"I've waited patiently since around 5 a.m. for my son to wake up and play with me. Not sure how much longer I can restrain myself. I may gently tickle his cute little feet. Just letting everyone know," John wrote on Twitter. Thirteen minutes later, the dad tweeted again: "Well, that didn't work. Got shooed out of the room. Just want some cuddle time. I've waited a looooooooong time for a kid. Hmmm, now what? (Thank god my wife isn't on Twitter.)"

Ha, Uncle Jesse John, you're too cute, but trust me and everyone on Twitter: there will be a time when he isn't sleeping that you'll wish he was conked out, so enjoy this time of sweet, innocent slumber. See some photos of John and an awake Billy below, as well as some of the hilarious Twitter reactions that are making us say, "same."

John's Original Tweets

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(Adorable) Photos of John and Billy

John's first Father's Day!

Billy hanging with some of the Full House fam.

Billy's first primary election.