Khloé Kardashian Admits Her Sisters Had Help Designing the Kids Line

Just a year ago, the Kardashian sisters debuted their children's collection designed for infants and girls. This past season, they added boys clothes to the mix. So what's the big news surrounding the Kardashian Kids line for Summer? For the first time ever, starting today, the wares will be sold at Nordstrom.

It's a major milestone for the sisters, who've worked hard to have their pieces taken seriously by top fashion retailers. But looking at the latest lineup of well-priced pieces — from khaki slim-fit cargo shorts to geometric-print dresses to lightweight denim button-ups — we're convinced it'll get scooped up by shoppers in record time. It's no surprise the clothes have caught the eye of industry buyers.

We spoke to Khloé Kardashian — proud aunt to Mason, Penelope, Reign, and North — about what's really involved in designing kids clothes, and she admits that she and her sisters can't take credit for all the cuteness you're about to see . . .

The Summer collection of Kardashian Kids, in addition to being sold online at Nordstrom, is also on sale at select Babies"R"Us stores.

POPSUGAR: Why did you decide to add boys to your latest collection?

Khloé Kardashian: Before we even had Dash, we owned a kids clothing store called Smooch. I worked there and did the buying for kids clothes and loved it. Everything’s so freaking cute when it’s this tiny and small! Back then, about 12 years ago, the whole store was filled with girls stuff, and there was only a small section with boys clothes. There just wasn’t much in the market for boys. Everyone would complain — it was a major need that wasn’t being met.

Also, people today are so much more stylish with their kids in general. You really have to rise to meet the expectations of these fashion-conscious parents who, at the same time, don’t want to overspend. For the girls collection, everything is $35 and under, and the boys is all $30 and under. So it’s not breaking the bank too badly if you want to take some risks. Listen, kids grow so fast — they get so dirty. You don’t want to buy a harem pant that costs $150 for a 2-year-old.

PS: You have four adorable nieces and nephews. How would you describe their style?

KK: Having nieces and nephews with such different personalities all on their own, without their parents, is so cool. Mason is 5, and he definitely is very sweet and soft-spoken, but he’s also opinionated. He’s been that way for a few years now. Actually, Mason is really crazy about the texture of clothing. It has to be very soft — it can’t be itchy. I would think that by 3 years old, he would forget about it, and who cares, but it still matters. So we are very aware of this in our collection. We try things on him prior to approving them. He’s turning into a great fit model!

Penelope is very, very, very girlie. She likes to pick out her own clothes. This morning, she was wearing a one-piece jumpsuit, very boho with a little necklace on. She loves accessories. North is simple. She loves leggings and a t-shirt. Very cool to me. North definitely has an opinion. And she definitely has better clothes than me!

PS: Have the kids helped in creating these collections?

KK: We’re definitely influenced by all three of the kids. We’ll be, like, “Only P would wear this,” or, “That’s so Mason.” It’s incredibly fun that we get to use them as our motivation. When we do mood boards, we’ve got pictures of them, and even their friends. It’s so cute. I don’t even have kids, but dressing them up? I get suckered into it. It’s fun.

PS: What’s the dynamic like designing the kids collection with your sisters? Do they always play the "mom" card?

KK: In the women’s line, it's very equal, but with kids, my sisters have very strong feelings. We can all agree on silhouette or body style, but Kim probably wishes there were a lot more blacks, grays, neutrals. We do make things in darker colors for North, though. Honestly, everything looks cute to me. I sit back and choose my battles in the kids line.

PS: What's been the biggest surprise in making kids clothes?

KK: I had no idea the level of detail involved when designing kids clothes. Each piece goes through so many checklists and tests — to see if it’s safe. God forbid a child could choke on something, so we have to make sure any embellishment or button can’t be easily ripped off things. I never knew that or thought about it before.

PS: Is there one piece in this lineup that you'd wear if you could?

KK: I'm a jumpsuit girl. It's fashion forward, but you don’t have to put much thought into it because it's one piece of clothing. So I always try to make sure we have one in every season. The jumpsuit we have in this collection, we've done it a few times in our women’s line — we actually do a ton of silhouettes that are similar in the kids and women's lineups. But this particular jumpsuit is so, so comfortable. And the camo-inspired leopard-print track pants. I’d definitely wear those if they came in my size.

PS: Now that you’ve got a boys line, what can we expect next?

KK: Right now, our girls line goes up to 5T. We want to keep expanding in age range and eventually do teens. It's interesting, with kids clothes, you go from a toddler, then a few years of awkwardness where no one has really mastered that market, then apparel for a young lady. So that 7- to 13-year-old time frame, there's a gap in good clothes. That evolution is in time, though. Doing kids, this is authentic and natural for us right now. Eventually, it'll manifest, and as we grow as designers and as the kids grow, we'll get there. Our fit models have to grow!

PS: It seems your nieces and nephews are obsessed with Auntie Koko. What does it take to be a good aunt?

KK: Patience. Especially with children. People tend to get frustrated with kids, but I have great patience with children. I like to be silly. I’ve also just learned from Kourtney. They’re not adults, but she doesn’t baby them. Because of that, they’re very opinionated, smart. She allows them to make choices.

PS: What kind of aunt are you?

KK: Oh, I love to spoil the kids. But in moderation. Mason and P, they walk to my house every day with Reign. I live a block away, so they come here to have a cookie, something Kourtney doesn’t have, so that makes my house fun. I also make a point not to discipline anyone else’s kids. It's not my job to put anyone in a corner.

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