5 Truths Kate Hudson Revealed About Feeling Like a Bad Mom

It may feel like Kate Hudson leads a charmed life, but her celebrity status doesn't excuse her from experiencing many of the relatable struggles of parenthood.

In her new cover story for InStyle, the famous mother of two wrote a moving essay entitled, "Sometimes I Feel Like a Bad Mom," that gets real about what it's like to be a modern working mom just trying to live a complicated — and happy — life. While the complete story isn't out until later this month, here are five truths we learned about why Kate Hudson occasionally has doubts about whether or not she's a good mom.

  1. Sometimes she hides: "Some days I feel like I should win best mom of the day award, and some days I find myself doing strange things that don't have any real purpose, in faraway corners in my house, and I realize I am literally and deliberately hiding from my children."
  2. She wants both: ". . . Even though every primal ounce of the nurturing, domestic woman in me gets pulled, I'm a hunter as well. And I love to hunt! And as a woman I feel that somehow we are supposed to feel apologetic about wanting both. But I don't want to apologize for that anymore. Being both already comes at an emotional cost, without adding society's antiquated idea of the traditional roles of man and woman in the home."
  3. She has an "unusual" relationship with her son: "I was really young, like, 23, when I had Ryder. So, our relationship has always been [a little unusual]. I mean, we're close, and I am his mom. I'm big on manners. I'm big on politeness. I'm big on gratitude. But I'm a bit of a wild mom."
  4. She'd pick reality TV over homework: "Yes, I help my kids with their homework. But I also get bored doing it. I will sit and listen to my children pontificate and discuss their ideas till the day is long because it warms my heart, but I really don't want to do math! I'm gonna say it: I'd prefer to watch The Bachelor rather than do fractions and divisions."
  5. She will never be a stay-at-home mom: "There's this tight, pulling sensation that never goes away that it comes at the cost of missing a week of my children's lives, and it aches. [However] I wouldn't be the best mom I could be if I didn't follow my creative endeavors. I would feel an emptiness that would be felt in our home. So a stay-at-home mom will never be my life and that will never be my kids' experience of me."