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Katherine Heigl Talks About Taking Her Kids' Devices Away

Watch Katherine Heigl Seriously Impress Drew Barrymore With Her Screen-Time Rules

Katherine Heigl went quite a long time without allowing her kids screen time, and that deserves some sort of an award. In a recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress and self-described "drill sergeant" to three kids — 12-year-old Nancy Leigh, 8-year-old Adalaide, and 4-year-old Joshua — said she had confiscated her children's devices after they got a little too hooked on the Roblox gaming platform. "I was almost a murderer," Katherine joked.

"We started out allowing them to play that game, that Roblox game," she said. "I have not played it. I don't understand it, but they would be in their rooms playing this game — together, the two girls — for like six to seven hours. We were pretty lax about it, and then I realized that was wrong and not healthy. I tried to scale it back and then it was just this addiction for them, so I kind of had to just completely take devices away."

The day before the interview, however, Katherine reintroduced the devices ("I caved," she said) under the condition that she'd now use Apple's Screen Time feature to set up stricter parameters. "I have ultimate control over the devices, and I feel like, OK, I can safely do this now. They can be safe on there and I can be sure they're safe. So, they have access to, like, books," she said. Watch the interview above.

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