An 8-Year-Old Boy Dressed Up as Freddie Mercury For Halloween, and He Is the Champion

As much as I loved everyone's Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande costumes this Halloween, this 8-year-old boy's Freddie Mercury costume absolutely stole the show, if you ask me. In honor of his favorite rockstar, this little boy took it upon himself — with some help from his mom, of course — to put together the ultimate costume that would make the former Queen frontman proud. Complete with a liquid eyeliner mustache, he managed to re-create Freddie's classic Live Aid outfit from 1985, and these photos of him are definitely taking me on a trip to the past.

So, how exactly does an 8-year-old come to idolize a late great rockstar like Freddie Mercury? "He started listening to Queen, CCR, and the Beatles all around the same time because my aunt would play that stuff every time we would come swim at her house over the summer," his mom, Reddit user themoonandthehermit, commented on the post. "Then he started requesting that we listen to Queen any time we went anywhere in the car. . . . He also has a Freddie Mercury backpack for school, a Freddie Mercury Pop figurine, and a poster of him hanging in his room."

"He wanted to be Freddie Mercury for Halloween all on his own."

Of course, he didn't want to dress up in just any Freddie Mercury costume. "He wanted to be Freddie Mercury for Halloween all on his own. . . . The only thing that was my idea was to go as Live Aid Freddie, because the costume was a lot cheaper and easier to put together! My son [originally] wanted the yellow-and-black jacket ensemble and I told him there's no way I'm dropping that kind of cash on a costume he's wearing one night."

Whether he's Live Aid Freddie or Wembley Stadium Freddie, I think it's safe to say that this little boy absolutely nailed his Halloween costume, and he's a champion in my eyes.