10 Kids' TV Shows That Won't Bore Parents to the Brink of Tears

Once my son learned that the iPad and the magical box we call a television, plays cartoons, I officially lost all control of the remote. While he only gets a certain amount of time every day to watch his favorite shows, our family still wants to use some of that time to be together. I know what you're thinking — watching kids' shows is painful and mind-numbing. But what if it wasn't? There are a handful of funny, creative shows that my son loves that we also enjoy together as a family. If the kids are happy and I'm not counting down the seconds until bedtime, it's a hit show in my book.

Scroll through for 10 of the best kids' TV shows that children and adults will find entertaining.

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The Stinky & Dirty Show

It's no secret that kids love watching vehicles like trucks and trains, and The Stinky & Dirty Show, which is available on Amazon, will fixate young viewers with their stories of equipment being silly. Adults will appreciate the artwork and the sly STEM learning going on.

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Beat Bugs

For parents who love The Beatles, this charming Netflix original, Beat Bugs, is a musical cartoon featuring songs made famous by the mop-haired quartet. Kids will love the adventures of these young bugs, while adults will have fun listening to modern artists covering these beloved classics. Pink, Jennifer Hudson, and Sia have all lent their vocal talents.

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Tumble Leaf

Available on Amazon, Tumble Leaf is an enchanting and whimsical stop-motion series designed for preschoolers. Following the adventures of a blue fox named Fig, children learn basic science through charming examples. Parents will appreciate the humor and art, while getting involved in the problem-solving.

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This adorable, funny, and emotional Australian cartoon, Bluey, is about 6-year-old pup named Bluey, her sister Bingo, and their parents. The sweet show celebrates imaginative play and supports emotional learning. You'll find yourself laughing along with your kids — and even shedding a few tears here and there — for sure!

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Puffin Rock

Puffin Rock is a beautifully illustrated Irish show on Netflix that tells the adventures of Oona, a young female puffin, and her little brother Baba. Kids will love the stories and colorful imagery, while parents will be entertained by actor Chris O'Dowd's charming and cheeky narration.

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Super Why!

Perfect for preschoolers, Super Why! is a great way to get kids school-ready by teaching them the power of reading. As a parent, I appreciate the touches of whimsical weirdness, like Alpha Pig, who is powered by the magic of the alphabet.

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We Bare Bears

Parents will get a kick out of watching three adoptive bear brothers try to interact and thrive in the city of San Francisco. We Bare Bears is a weird, funny, and sweet show, perfect for kids and adults to watch together.

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Dinosaur Train

Capitalizing on kids' love of all things dinosaurs and trains, Dinosaur Train is destined to be a family favorite. Available on PBS, is a great STEM show about exploring and having adventures with dinosaurs. As a parent, I'll admit I may get a little involved in the stories, and that theme song sure is catchy.

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Sesame Street

When it comes to being entertaining for children and adults, no show beats Sesame Street. Available on HBO Max, it's no wonder this classic show has been running consistently for nearly 50 years. Always one to sneak in jokes and cultural references for adults, Sesame Street is engaging and educational for all.

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Wild Kratts

I grew up loving Kratt's Creatures, so being able to watch Wild Kratts now with my son has been super fun. I get to learn about interesting animals, locations, and conservation with him, all while he's being entertained. Available on PBS, it's been running quite a while so there are plenty of episodes to watch.