7 Fun Birthday Party Games For Kids

Looking for birthday party games that will keep a room full of kids happy without breaking the bank? Here are seven games that real moms say are perfect for entertaining 6- to 8-year-olds at a party.

1. Balloon Ping-Pong

"Paddles can be made using paper plates with paint sticks hot glued onto the back of the plate as the handle. Inflate a balloon (tie a knot) and give each kid a paddle. Rules can be simple or a little more challenging depending on the age. Keep the balloon off the floor using the paddle. Another way is to use string or rope as a 'net' that the balloon has to go over back and forth." — Toni Roberts of Design Dazzle

2. Spiderweb Game

"Roll up a small ball of black yarn, one for each child, the size of a golf ball. Have the children stand in a circle holding their ball. A parent or helper can then tie the yarn around each child's waist and give that child the rest of the ball to hold. Each child, taking turns around the circle, tosses the ball of yarn to someone across from him. That child then wraps the yarn once around him and tosses it to another child and so on and so on. When they are done tossing and wrapping, they must now get themselves out of the spiderweb they have made." — Chrissy Boerman of Boerman Ramblings

3. Scavenger Hunts

"We had an Army birthday party theme, so we hid 10 items such as plastic army men, vehicles, army silly bands, and other items. Wrote them on a list and split into teams. This can be done for any birthday party theme!" — Nichol of KiddiesCorner Deals

"Scavenger hunts are always good and promote teamwork." — Sharon Garofalow of Cupcakes and Cutlery

4. Spin the Nail Polish Bottle

"Place five different colors in a circle, and use clear coat for the spinner. Whatever color it lands on, the child must paint one of their fingernails. The game continues until all girls have painted. Girls love this game." — Nichol of KiddiesCorner Deals

5. Quidditch

"Get in your wizarding best and play a good ol' game of quidditch. Kids will have a 'ball' reenacting the fun Harry Potter sport, including a snitch, quaffles, bludgers, and brooms! A few tweaks to the official rules, and your kiddos and their friends will be remembering this birthday for years to come. Here's a link for official rules and other Harry Potter ideas." — Anne Weil of Flax & Twine

6. Candy Circle

"When I was a kid one of my favorite games was the candy bar game where you sit in a circle and get to choose a candy bar that was in a pile in the center of the circle. You put it in a paper lunch bag and hoped to keep it. But the game was a lot like a white elephant gift exchange where you could steal someone else's candy bar (you just had to remember what they had!) and you went around the circle a couple more times trying to get what you wanted. Candy is like a million dollars to 6-year-olds — they love it!" — Connie B. of About Him & Her

7. Pass the Whipped Cream Pie

"Have children stand in one line. Two plates of whipped cream are passed from each player along the line whilst players are dancing to the music. When the music stops, the player must rub the plate of whipped cream 'round the world style' (start at the front and rub the plate around the head back to front), on their face. They are then out. Plates are replenished and repeated until the last player is standing. Obviously the last player get the 'world treatment.'" — Dianne Rankin of Parties For Me

What's the best birthday party game you've heard of or tried?