It Took These Kids Less Than 2 Minutes to See the Big Problem With the Presidential Campaign

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Kids are very intelligent little humans who are frequently not given enough credit, but we think this video might help you see what we see — that kids are often wise beyond their years.

In the video — which features some of the children who responded to photos of Caitlyn Jenner — the kids are introduced to both Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush and informed that they're both running for president. When they're shown headlines in the media about both politicians, the kids quickly realize that the ones for Hillary are generally about her appearance and gender, whereas Jeb's headlines all feature information about his platform.

One girl describes a photo of Hillary, "She's strong, she's confident, she looks like a boss" — which starts a rollout of comments from each and every child about what the media should be focused on.

"They shouldn't just judge her about the things that don't really matter about somebody. People shouldn't focus on those things; they should focus on our ideas more."

"They should just think about their ideas and what they have on their minds about being the president."

"The media can be better by focusing on what the female politicians are saying, what their opinions are, what their plans are — instead of what they look like."

Your move, campaign reporters.