28 Times Kids Dropped Major Truth Bombs

Everybody knows that kids say the darnedest things, but some of those darn things can be harsh. It's cute and funny until you've experienced the "joy" of an observant kid making an innocent observation that hits like a major truth bomb. Whether it's about your postbaby tummy or a stranger's ear hair, it's hard to know whether to laugh or cry at these zingers. We asked our POPSUGAR Moms readers on Facebook to share stories about when their little ones unintentionally told the harsh truth, and these 28 examples are proof that the truth can hurt sometimes!

  1. "My daughter told me that I was pretty. I said 'Thank you, darling,' and then she said, 'But you know Mom, you would be even more pretty if you wore a little bit of makeup — you know a bit of blush and some lipstick.' Thanks kiddo!" — Laura Kinsella
  2. "To a woman at a restaurant: 'Mommy that girl looks like a hippopotamus with a baby in her belly!' My 3-year-old loves hippos and babies..." — Bori Soo D
  3. "I was explaining to my daughter the importance of education, and she says to me, 'Don't worry Mom, I'm not gonna end up like you.'" — Anne Talbert Gower
  4. "I stepped out of the shower and my daughter says, 'Oh Mommy, I love your stripes. You look like a zebra!'" — Sierra Buchanan
  5. "My daughter said to my hubby one day as we were about to go out for the day, 'Did you get dressed like that in your sleep daddy?'" — Hannah Thomas
  6. "When I was reading with kids in my 6-year-old's class, one little girl told me I had the same hands as her grandma." — Sue Kierstead Stapleton
  7. "My friend was going for a night out and she asked her daughter if she looked nice. Her daughter replied, 'Yes, from behind.'" — Anne Valhalla Wicks
  8. "I had just finished explaining to my 4-year-old why my pregnant belly was growing and that it would continue to grow until her brother was born. I asked her if she understood and she said, 'Yeah but why is your bottom so big?'" — Mandy Cogburn Wilson
  9. "My daughter was in the bathroom with her aunt getting ready. She asked what dry shampoo was for. Her aunt replied, 'It helps when your hair is greasy and you don't have time to wash it.' My observant child mentioned, 'That would work great on your face too, eh?'" — Jessica Graham
  10. "[My daughter's dad] told her to take her plate to the sink and she said, 'Why Dad? You never do.' But with zero attitude and I silently cheered in the silence." — Leah Hanson
  11. "You're a better mom when you do yoga." — Ashley Elizabeth
  12. "Just last night, 'Mommy, why do you have fat legs?'" — Ashley Bogan
  13. "Mom, when I get big like you can I also have a jelly belly?" — Desiree Rowe
  14. "You would be prettier if you didn't wear glasses. And were younger." — Sandie Wojno Marchese
  15. "Who drew that line so hard between your eyes?" — Sara Williams
  16. "'Mom, you're like a cow.' Because I produce milk." — Amanda Aitken
  17. "You're not as fat as grandma says you are." — Kindra Pigott Franzen
  18. "My 3-year-old told me I needed to get the 'grass' out of my nose. He meant my nose hair." — Erin Hicks
  19. "My husband told our son not to give the dog cheese because it would make him fat. Our son (6 years old at the time) said, 'Like Mommy?'" — Sharon Bright Copley
  20. "When I got my haircut, one of my sons said, 'You look like someone.' The other one said, 'Yeah off of The Walking Dead.'" — Catherine Edwards
  21. "My youngest of three pointed at my breast when I was naked in the bathroom and said, 'I don't hope my breast looks like that, when I grow up.'" — Sille Sigsgaard Clausen
  22. "My 4-year-old daughter looks at me while using the restroom one day and says, 'Mommy, how do you fit your fat butt on that little toilet seat?'" — Rhianna Heninger
  23. "I did my hair and makeup to go out a few weeks ago, and my boys looked at me and asked me why I looked weird!" — Becky Franklin
  24. "'Mommy your tummy is great, its wobbly like jelly!' Three years after I had given birth to him." — Laura-Sian Jennings
  25. "My toddler was watching me clean up for bed (brush my teeth, wipe makeup off, and a quick face mask). When all was done, he looks at me and says, 'All your pretty is gone!'" — Roxanne Hanson
  26. "This morning my 8-year-old said to me in the car, 'Mom you have such lovely hair, you remind me of a porcupine. It's all light at the ends and dark at the roots.' Obviously it's time to go to the hairdresser again!" — Lani van Vuuren
  27. "My 8-year-old daughter was laying with her head on my stomach while we were reading a book and she said 'Mommy I'm so glad your tummy is so big and squishy because it's really comfortable!'" — Alli Welch
  28. "I had just given birth and my 4-year-old asked me if I still had a baby in my belly. And I said no to which she replied, 'Then why are you still fat?'" — Vivian Magana