Kim K Is Being Shamed For Letting North Wear Hoop Earrings, and Did Y’all Never Dress Up as Kids?

Kim Kardashian West has shouted out her 6-year-old daughter's fashion sense before, as North loves to dress up and play with different fabrics and accessories, but now, the mom of four is being shamed for "allowing" North to wear large hoop earrings. And although it's unclear as to whether she was "playing dress-up" or not, Kim's followers don't seem to care much.

North West is a very different kid than most of us were, growing up in a different time and with a notable family that can barely do anything without being criticized by some, but as far as the dressing up in fun outfits and accessories go? North is your classic 6-year-old, and it's absolutely insane to me that people think shaming Kim for letting her daughter express her innocent fashion-sense is anything but petty.

In a post to Instagram featuring Kim and North in bathing suits, pinky promising to be "besties for life," North can be seen accessorizing her sparkly gold swimsuit with large gold hoop earrings, and some of Kim's followers had negative things to say about the sweet snap.

"Kim ur letting ur daughter wear hoops that big what the helll . . . she has grown up to [sic] fast," one commenter wrote. Another added: "Wow!!! Sad!!! That little girl will never be a little girl."

Now, I know that some may argue that hoops that large could be a safety risk, as even when I see adults wearing hoops that size I'm always irrationally worried something is going to tug them straight through the person's lobe. But can someone please explain to me how a little girl wearing hoop earrings — as a dress-up play item or not — equates to being grown up?

Children mimic their parents, and in the case of North's love for fashion, I'd argue that this is a pretty innocent move. So to the person who wrote: "So cute but my daughter WOULD NEVER be wearing those big hoop earring at such a young age . . . come on mama keep your baby girl humble! Some beautiful diamond studs fit so much better on a young girl," next time, try to take the photo you're looking at at face value, and either cut your comment after the "So cute" or don't leave one at all. Deal?

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North West in Her Gold Hoops and Sparkly Gold Swimsuit