There's a New Cards Against Humanity Game That Only Parents Will Understand

Cards Against Humanity is an inappropriate word-association party game that most adults with a sense of humor love, but it may have just been bested by KinderPerfect, a parody version of the game designed just for parents.

The card game was launched as a Kickstarter campaign by husband-and-wife duo Wayan and Amy Vota, who say they love Cards Against Humanity but felt like the game didn't necessarily resonate with them as parents. They sought to create the perfect activity for a parent time out, and it definitely seems like they've succeeded.

Get your hands on the game if you can (it's currently unavailable on Amazon, where it's sold, but it'll be worth the wait). In the meantime, you can preorder the KinderPerfect 400 Expansion Game ($25)) to make the holidays even more fun for you and your parent friends and relatives!